Reminder: Streetcar showcase begins Wednesday

Just a friendly reminder that the 4-day DC Streetcar showcase begins Wednesday May 5th at 11am at CityCenterDC (9th & H).

The DC will be using same articulated trams from the Czech based Inekon company that the Portland and Seattle streetcar lines use. I shared a detailed recap and slideshow of the Seattle Streetcar in 2008 that may be a useful primer for those planning to visit the showcase.

DDOT has plans to expand the initial streetcar lines into a 37-mile network. One of the Phase I expansion segments travels the Mount Vernon Triangle along K Street. Whereas I’m not entirely certain if the political will exists for the entire network to be built, I do feel the K Street segment is likely. Both K Street and New Jersey Avenue have future streetscape improvements planned and budgeted for. Integrating tracks and stations for streetcars into an existing streetscape improvement project creates synergy for DDOT and can render the project more cost effective than it would be as a stand-alone.

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    Bruce says

    I checked this out this afternoon. It was pretty interesting, and the staff on-hand were friendly, knowledgeable, and informative. They told me that they expect the street cars to start running down H Street in 2012. I was a little confused by the information boards they had on display, which focused primarily on a stretch of Benning Road (I think) in Northeast and only tangentially addressed the Mount Vernon Triangle region, but overall they did a nice job on this event.