BYT: Buddha Bar Preview

Brightest Young Things snagged an early preview of Buddha Bar. An array of great photos from Dakota Fine are in the posting.


It’s beautiful. It’s grand. It’s opulent and it’s comfortable. The scale of it is bigger than we’re used to in DC and it looks great. The staff are a mix of people from Little Buddha in Las Vegas and local hires. They’ve been training, working hard and have started doing the mock services that will get them ready for a May 10th opening.

For past coverage on Buddha Bar from this blog visit the Buddha Bar tag.

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    Monique says

    I had the opportunity to preview Buddhar Bar myself two nights ago with a good friend of mine. And let’s just say we’re in love! With Buddha, not each other. :-)
    The restaurant is gorgeous and to see it transform from day to evening is amazing as well. The cocktails were tasty, as we were more than happy to be guinea pigs for the bartender as he tried out several of their 32 signature cocktails on us. And the food…heaven!!!!
    I can’t wait to get in there again.