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    Mario Sengco says

    I just looked at the MVT CID website and saw that the development timeline for the Triangle has been updated. It appears that the ground-breaking for 300 K, 400 K and Arts at 5th and Eye have all been pushed back to the spring or summer of 2012! I wonder if this is the set in stone, and a foreshadowing of some rougher times in the progress of the MVT neighborhood.

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    FourthandEye says

    @Shipsa01 – JDLand really is outstanding. I’ve been following the blog for years. Feel free to contact me via email with what you think you could provide map wise.

    @Mario – I would say those dates are definitely not set in stone. In this lending environment office buildings aren’t being built without lead tenants identified.

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    Tony says

    Is there any new info on possible tenants at 425 I Street? I keep hearing about an Organic market or the like. Is this correct?

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    FourthandEye says

    @Tony – I did dig into the 425 Eye rumors after I heard them. Nothing substantiated the rumors from the source in the ML sales office.

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    Gus says

    I finally got to Kushi today for lunch. I was blown away. I was expecting “really good,” and got “really great.” I might go back for dinner tonight. Anyone who hasn’t gone yet: GO.

    This Public Service Announcement brought to you by my very satisfied tummy.

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    CJ says

    Is there any new information on the Steuart land (400/500 NY). I know they are presenting at next month’s MVSNA meeting according to the newsletter — any preview as to what they’ll be talking about? Timelines? What they’ll be building?

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    Sarah says

    I just got back from our lovely Safeway and have to say that this place gets worse every time I go there. Does anyone else get the impression that they have the absolute worst staff on the planet? Also, it is so annoying at the self checkout lines that they don’t put bags there…they say it is because people won’t pay the bag tax, and they’ll steal the bags…ridiculous.

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    555er says


    It’s not just you. I find myself driving across town to Trader Joe’s even if I’m only getting a couple things. I can deal with Safeway being crowded. I can deal with the narrow aisles and hit-or-miss produce. But the staff is just completely unprofessional – so much so that I just hate being at that store.

    And I haven’t thought of the bag situation since I usually bring my own, but it’s kind of trashy that they don’t trust their own customers. Management has never been too good at that store.

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    I did check out the newly reopened Safeway in southwest on the newly reopened 4th Street which is now another nice close option. it was a bit of an in-and-out stop so I didn’t pay too much attention but my impression is that the layout is better than our CityVista Safeway. the beer lane is definitely wider. :) only time will tell if the opening day euphoria will last or die away.

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    The Steuarts haven’t gotten to the conceptual phase yet but they did recently appear before ANC 6C because they were appealing a convoluted zoning decision. Long story short, the intention is to construct a residential project on the 400 block of NY/L and an office/retail project on the 500 block of NY/K. when I say retail, i mean all 4 sides (and I think those who support that should make it clear to them). There are other issues such as maintenance, appearance of the property, crime and the lack of them having a relationship with the community which we are working to change.

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    FourthandEye says

    Re: Steuart Development – I don’t know anything new since Steuart chatted in front of the ANC a couple months back. But I can try to consolidate the various information into one posting later in the week.

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    Ben says

    In regards to Safeway, I was just in there and I was asked by one of the staff if I needed help with something. I guess the confused look on my face gave it away. After telling her what I needed, she gave me very detailed directions to where I could find it, and even offered twice to show me personally. I declined, but as I walked over to get said item, I overheard another staff offering to personally show a customer where something was as well. Perhaps the staff ‘on the floor’ (I can’t speak for the checkout staff) have been spoken to about being more helpful to customers because I was impressed by the offers to help.