From the Readers: Choosing a Church

Guest post from Madrigal resident Mario Sengco

Another reason why Mount Vernon Triangle is a great place to live is the great diversity of places to worship just steps away for those who are inclined.

Just looking at the cityscape, one can see an array of beautiful and historic steeples, spires and domes.  From the historic synagogue at 6th and I Streets, the historic Mount Carmel and Second Baptist Churches on 3rd Street, the Chinese Community Church on I Street, to Holy Rosary Church on 3rd Street serving a vibrant Italian-American community, residents have many choices for worship and to participate in volunteer activities in the community.

About a year ago my partner and I bought our place in the Madrigal Lofts.  After settling in, we decided to look for a place of worship in our neighborhood.  We come from different backgrounds, but we would characterize ourselves as being more spiritual than religious.  So, we were excited to find many choices in the area.  We visited a number of churches of different denominations, all of whom welcomed us very warmly.  We enjoyed each service, the sermons, the music and the fellowship.  We knew the choice wasn’t going to be easy.

Mount Vernon Place United Methodist - Facing East

After about a month of searching and a few repeat visits, we finally decided to join Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church – the white marble church tucked between K Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and 9th Street at Mount Vernon Square.  Aside from a beautiful facade and a rich (but sometimes difficult) history, we were attracted by the welcoming spirit of the people there, its dynamic young pastor, the diversity, and the genuine desire of its members – many of whom were in theirs 20’s and 30’s like us – to serve and volunteer in their community.  It was a good fit for us because we also believed in volunteering.

If you’re considering a move to Mount Vernon Triangle, or come from the surrounding neighborhoods, I’m sure you will find the wide variety of places of worship an attractive aspect of the area.  If you’re looking for a “spiritual” home, perhaps you’ll also find it here.

Image Credit: M.V. Jantzen

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  1. 1


    its fascinating how this church has revived itself. back in the day i remember reading an article about how the congregation was literally passing on, the average age was 82 and there were about 50 members left.
    So they did the real estate deal with very nice results i must say, building is lovely. church is restored…and they started a rebranded campaign of outreach to the local community, not just to attract parishioners, but to have a relationship with the neighborhood. Glad things are working out!

  2. 2

    Mario Sengco says

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, what you’ve heard is correct. This church was struggling in its recent history with declining membership and the like. But I feel that I’m arriving at an up-swing for the community. There is optimism and real wish to be a church for the surrounding community as a whole.

  3. 3

    fifthandem says

    Interesting blog post that I would probably read differently than other readers, as a nicely disguised plug for your church. I would have been fine with it until you started “selling” your choice. There should be nothing more personal than religion and no one needs to know what your faith is or how great your church is (or how much they would love for you to post something about them!).
    How about “Mount Vernon Triangle is a great place to live because you can worship whoever you want in the comfort of your lovely house.”
    Community work? No need to add a religious tag to it.
    Just my personal view.