Upcoming episode of HGTV’s My First Place features the ‘hood

Reader Chris Chan sent  a heads up that he will be on an episode of HGTV’s My First Place this Thursday at 8pm.

For Chris Chan, buying a home in Chinatown would allow him to stay close to work in Washington D.C. and also stay connected to his heritage in a neighborhood he grew to love as a renter. After a long search in this expensive city and some tough negotiating, he finally gets a good deal on his dream condo. But surprise lending restrictions on new construction bring everything to a halt. For months, the only thing Chris can do is wait and wonder whether he’ll ever get to close on his first place.

Chris hasn’t seen the episode yet but expects it to include footage of the following:

  • Chinatown (Generally)
  • Chinatown Coffee Company (5th and H)
  • 6th Street Flats (6th between H and I)
  • Yale Steam Lofts (Mt Vernon Square)
  • The Lacey (U Street)
  • The Grayson (Mt. Vernon Square)
  • China Boy Chinese Restaurant (6th between H and I)
  • The Outdoor Public Pool at Harry Thomas Sr Rec Center (Eckington/Edgewood)
  • SportRock Climbing Gym (Alexandria, VA)
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  1. 1

    JohnDC says

    Has anybody tried the pool at Harry Thomas Rec Center. I’m a single guy in my low 30s and never tried even though it’s close. Figured it would be loud and overrun by kids.

  2. 3

    Richko says

    As an HGTV junkie who is usually all over these DC house-hunting episodes, I was severely underwhelmed by last night’s Chinatown My First Place. Nothing against shopper Chris, but the episode was edited in a way that really communicated little about the area, little about the whopping *2* properties they showed him visiting (usually they visit at least 3!)… plus for all the fuss that was made about him wanting to live in Chinatown, I don’t get how the place he bought on 6th St. above New York Ave. is really Chinatown at all. It’s the middle of Shaw. They could’ve at least shown him visiting condos in Gallery Place, Penn Quarter, or 400 Mass, CityVista, etc.

    The drama over financing was an interesting twist, though. Was that for a conventional 30-year mortgage? Or FHA? Despite his large $100K down payment, that’s still not 20% of his $575K purchase price. Seemed more like conditions on an FHA loan (jumbo in this case?) but they didn’t say on the show.