425 Mass: Beyond the Fact Sheet

Last Friday I posted a slideshow from a tour of the new 425 Mass Apartments. Today I wanted to share a few facts and details about the property that do not come across in the online fact sheet.

My impression of the finishings in the unit is that they are well above average for apartments. The kitchens and floorings are on par with the new condominiums in the area. To my tastes I’d say the finishings in the bathrooms exceeded even the new condo norms. There were no window treatments when I visited but I was assured by the EQR staff that their plan is to install high end shades rather than standard blinds.

Resident Life:

  • Management will leverage electronic communication for increased convenience to residents.  Notifications of packages, events, community announcements will be sent out through email. Residents will pay rent, submit service requests, and check their account balances online.
  • The property is promoting healthy lifestyles as a smoke free community. The EQR national slogan is “Breath easy in our smoke free apartment homes.”

Outdoor Space:

  • The views on the roof are spectacular and unobstructed. The rooftop amenities include two pools, bathrooms and a catering kitchen. Designers have created plans for cozy sitting areas and an oasis designed to transcend residents to South Beach. Built in grills are being installed. The roof of 401 Mass and 425 Mass will be unpartitioned allowing for amazing capacity.
  • The center courtyard provides another outdoor area to relax and socialize. There is access off of the lounge and garden room so that residents can overflow to the outside space while entertaining. Architecturally the courtyard is stunning with blue accent and amber hues in the evening hours created by artistic lighting designs.

Other Amenities

  • The large gym is a fully equipped workout facility with Matrix Equipment. Each cardio machine has it’s own TV.
  • The first floor of the parking garage has a bike room with racks for 80 bikes and room for future expansion if necessary. The spiral stairway in the courtyard leads to top level of the garage and the front door of the bike room. The stairway has a grooved ramp on the side so that residents can easily roll their bikes up or down the stairway without needing the elevators or competing with cars on the entry ramp.
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  1. 2

    Monique says

    Wow!!! Why can’t my condo have some of these amenities??? This place sounds great.

  2. 3

    Adam Holzsager says

    If they end up not putting anything in, feel free to call me. I own a local company, Window Wears, and specialize in loft condos. I do everything from basic blinds to motorized shades, shutters, etc.


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