In Pie We Crust

Last Friday Dangerously Delicious Pies finally cleared the red tape and opened their doors at 1339 H Street NE. This concept with a pie and crossbones logo from former rocker Rodney Henry is not your grandmother’s pie shop. The shop serves both sweet and savory pies until midnight on weeknights and 3am on weekends. Frozentropics has a press release and more photos.

I stopped by the Dangerously Delicious Pie shop on Saturday. A large chalkboard by the counter displays which pies are available that day. Orders for other pies can be placed and picked up the following day. To my dismay the Chocolate Chess was unavailable during my visit. Instead I tried a heated up slice of the Baltimore Bomb which features crumbled Berger Cookies. I was a little underwhelmed by that selection but I tend to enjoy pies that are hearty (apple) or creamy (chocolate cream) which this pie was neither. Maybe next time. Other customers in the shop were enamored of the Marion “Berry” pie for both it’s name and taste.

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