Dedication for 5th & K Public Art on April 6th

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities issued a press release regarding the ceremony planned to celebrate the new public art installations at 5th & K, Inspiration and Lift Off, on Tuesday April 6th at 1pm.

Hat Tip: FrenchTwistDC

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  1. 3

    Mike@555Mass says

    I actually like the public artwork. I can understand how everyone has differing tastes, but I don’t understand the animosity that some in our neighborhood have shown to this public art. Lighten up a little, folks.

  2. 4

    art says

    public art is paid for through funds from real estate developers, not the general tax coffers.

  3. 5

    John Thompson says

    I think it’s wonderful that the city & developer incorporated public art into the project. While I wish “Lift Off” was a different color (or several different colors, for that matter), I would much rather have it than have nothing installed. It’s really grown on me since the installation & I think it adds a great dynamic to the space/neighborhood. I also like the art on the side of the building, though (again) I had hoped for a splash of orange in it somewhere.

    Just my 2 cents, as a City Vista resident. Bravo! :)