Ten things you may not know about DCPL

Tony Ross, the branch manager at the nearby Northwest One Library, has 10 items to share that you may not know about DC Public Libraries.

  1. Got a mobile music device? We have audiobooks you can download from our web site – about 6,000 of them, with new titles constantly being added. We were also the first library system in the country to offer iPod-compatible downloadable audiobooks.
  2. There’s a lot of fun free stuff to do in this city – some of it is even at the library. For example, at the West End location, they offer Qijong, Tango, and Yoga Mediation programs. Around the corner, we’re setting up a series of beverage-making workshops called “Brew ‘n Book” and planning a Saturday bicycle tour of some different downtown libraries.
  3. Are you part of the Twitterati? We’re tweeting. Join 1,600 others following us @dcpl.
  4. If you’re looking online for articles from the Washington Post more than 2 months old, you’ll find ‘em – for $3.95 each. We’ve got them going back to 1877 at no charge. And if the Post isn’t your cup of tea, we also have the Washington Times going back to 1990, and the New York Times going back to 1980.
  5. You can drop off your library materials at any branch throughout the city, not just the one you got them from. You can also have materials from one branch sent to any other branch – whatever works for you.
  6. Not a reader? We’ve got music – lots of music for you to borrow – about 8,500 CDs, 2,300 downloadable albums on our web site, several thousand vinyl records, and even a collection of 16,000 musical scores.
  7. Your grandmother can’t get out to the library? No problem – we’ll come to her with our homebound services, also known as “books by mail.”
  8. Trying to move in a new direction? We’ve got study guides, practice tests, tutorials, and downloadable PDF eBooks for LSAT, SAT, GRE, GED, MAT, MCAT, Praxis, ACT, GMAT, and more.
  9. Worried about late fines? Sign up for our email or text-message reminders and then renew your materials online 24/7. (You can call us too!)
  10. Want to get involved in the city and your community? If you’re flush, I’d suggest checking out the good work our foundation does. If you’re more hands on, we can take one of your interests or areas and find a way to turn it into a meaningful volunteer opportunity with us.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Contact Tony Ross at anthony.ross@dc.gov or 202.939.594.

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    I don’t think many people realize how much money the public library can save you every year. it really adds up…will need to check out NW One.