Biergarten Haus

The month of April will bring not only Buddha to our neighborhood but also Bavaria within a short ride down H Street. The ownership of the popular Russia House lounge is opening Biergarten Haus, the district’s first true outdoor German-style beer garden, at 1355 H Street NE.

Fritz Hahn of the Washingtonpost’s GoG blog offers an early preview of the space. The menu at Biergarten Haus will include a variety of brats, wursts, schnitzels, and German beers on tap. Over 300 outdoor diners will be treated with polka bands and strolling accordionists on weekends.

Image from Fritz Hahn, Washingtonpost

The WAMU radio station has a nine minute interview (scroll to bottom) with Fritz Hahn and Biergarten Haus owner Aaron McGovern.

Hat Tip: Frozentropics

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    KP says

    If this anything like the one in Astoria, Queens it will be awesome. Just a great vibe sitting on big bench drinking beer