Pizza Bistro Med Menu

Pizza Bistro Med opened in mid February in the basement space at 736 6th Street NW. A menu for this new establishment arrived in my mail this week. Many more offerings than I noticed during my initial visit to test the Pizza by the Slice. The menu includes salad, falafel, pitas, kabob, ravioli, lasagna and more. Hours are 11am-11pm seven days a week and delivery is free [phone: (202) 393-3300].

Follow the Read More link for a scan of the Bistro Med’s six page menu.

Click on any of the six images for a larger view.

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  1. 1


    The food is pretty good. we got delivery once and we did take out the other day. the doner was tasty. when you walk into the place the menus are totally hidden, wedged in front of the register. if we hadnt had one delivered we wouldnt have known they had much beyond pizza. but anyway the menu is turkish with good stuff like kebabs, “feta cigars” (which are lukewarm), and dolma…A little pricey for some things but any middle eastern food is welcome to me! Oh & this place is much better than Urfa a few doors over…

  2. 3


    I bought a pepperoni slice and turned it into two separate lunches. right down the middle. ba-blam. pizza was OK even when reheated in the microwave. will go back to try again!

  3. 5

    FourthandEye says

    I stopped by Bistro Med for dinner tonight. These blue menus for the Mediterranean food were only behind the counter. I asked for one. The cashier gave it to me but instructed me that the Mediterranean menu items were only for delivery or call ahead carry out. As a walkup I needed to order from the items on the chalkboard (pizza, salad).

    I ordered a slice and ate it there. While I was enjoying my slice another walkup customer ordered a chicken pita from a different cashier and his order was taken. So it’s difficult to say what their policy truly is.

  4. 6

    400mass says

    Was told the carry out thing too. We ordered the falafel and tabouleh. Bread is wonderful, Urfa (sp?) next door has better falafel, and tabouleh was ok, tho a bit runny.