Search Unleashed

At the Kushi opening party on Monday night I shared details with KimFromTheK and others about the Search Unleashed plug-in tool that I’ve installed on this new WordPress blog format. This tool keeps a running log of search phrases entered  into the blog and captures phrases used by external search engines that directed web surfers to the blog. Some of the phrases are humorous while others just random and bizarre.

Here are 10 recent phrases:

  • casey patten girlfriend
  • google sexist horse zoo
  • horse show tommy wells
  • how much is a fifth of rum mount pleasant
  • how much would it cost to put a cafeteria in a police station
  • old tour bus for sale on flickr
  • reelection fish fry flyers
  • strip club interior pictures
  • why do you shred buddhas
  • zoo stack hippo
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  1. 1

    Steven says

    Amusing. I can see how most of those got people here, but the one that stumps me is “zoo stack hippo”.

    Looks like you have Google Analytics on here too; that should get you some fun ones too. :)