Kushi is Open for Business

FourthAndEye and I had the pleasure of attending the opening party at Kushi last night. The food kept on coming and the Sapporo and hot sake were plentiful!

The food that was provided included a variety of poultry options (chicken meat balls, wings, teriyaki thighs, chicken breast scallion skewers, and duck sausage) and vegetables (green beans in a soy dressing, veggie skewers, spinach, and potato salad), as well as some beef skewers and raw oysters. Sushi tastings included eel, tuna, shrimp, and salmon nigiri; real crab california rolls and spicy tuna rolls; and tamago, octopus, and red snapper nigiri. All of the sushi was fresh and delicious, and combined with the sampling of the other cooked items I’m certainly enticed to come back. I especially look forward to trying the Japanese pickles, miso-marinated black cod, and much-hyped (on this blog) onigri.

Kushi Robata Grill

While enjoying our food, we spoke with owner Darren Norris, who shared with us backstory about the restaurant’s concept and design.  We learned that the symbol you’ll see throughout the restaurant and on the Kushi flag outside has been the family crest of Norris’ wife Ari Kushimoto for over 200 years. The restaurant’s name is a shortened version of Kushimoto’s last name, but “Kushi” also means “skewer”, a perfect for name for a restaurant focused on izakaya. The large lanterns over the bar were crafted by hand in Japan and took 4 months to create.  In the coming weeks you’ll see a fish counter where you can buy the fresh daily fish to cook at home, and outdoor seating on K Street. Regular lunch service starts today (3/9) and will feature set menus with options at various price points.

After spending a week last summer in Vancouver, I grew to love the small plates that are Izakaya and welcome this new dining destination to our neighborhood!

For past coverage on Kushi on this blog visit the Kushi tag.

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    tried Kushi tonight. quality of food was fantastic. prices were a bit on the high side and I did peruse the good beer and sake selection but none for me on a school night. the weekend will be here soon enough…muwah ha ha!