$5 Foot-long with WiFi

The new “Cafe” concept being tested by Subway in the DC market will be opening a location at 455 Mass Ave NW in the 1680 SF space adjacent to the UPS Store. The store locator on the Subway website confirms these plans as “Opening Soon”. I’ve heard August is the target.

According to the Washington Business Journal’s article about the first Subway Cafe that opened in Alexandria, you can expect more stylish decor and new menu items.

Subway Cafe’s decor is more stylish — think comfy couches, dark wood — with amenities such as Wi-Fi, and the menu boasts new variations such as gelato and panini. Subway has partnered with such companies as Seattle’s Best and Thomas’ English Muffins on menu items.

Hopefully the retail at 455 Mass, including Buddha Bar, will finally spur a tenant to sign on at the Engine 6 firehouse space at 400 Mass.

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  1. 1

    tom veil says

    Nice! It will be interesting to see where they hang their sign. Those privacy trees are nice for fencing off the Abandoned Architect’s House, but might hamper visibility if they hang their sign low like UPS did.

  2. 4


    Thomas’ English Muffins? really. i love me some english muffins, but how are they more stylish? guess i’m not up on what’s hip today.

  3. 5


    This is great news! it be great if they could increase the variety of vegetables to go on the sandwiches …ala spinach vs iceberg lettuce.