Kushi Open Thread

The new Kushi Izakaya restaurant at City Vista was open to the public last night. A few early reviews have appeared on Yelp. I’m certain several readers of this blog were among Kushi’s opening crowd – any impressions to share? Please chime in via the comments section.


Kushi will be open for dinner again tonight at 6pm.

For past coverage on Kushi on this blog visit the Kushi tag.

Image credit: Sciascia on Flickr

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  1. 1

    washingtonydc says

    I stopped in for a drink and some snacks and left very impressed. First, the beer selection is top-notch, which you usually don’t expect in a Japanese restaurant. I tried both kinds of onigiri and they were fantastic. I only had one of the grilled meats (chicken with shiso and plum sauce), but loved how they sous-vide it first so it stays moist will still having that great smokey taste. The yamakake was a totally new experience–cold porridge-like potatoes with some fatty tuna, a raw quail egg and a touch of wasabi. I had no idea what I was getting into with this dish, but it started to grow on me–but I can see a lot of people not liking its cold, gooey consistency.

    I’ll definitely be going back to try more of the beer and delve deeper into the menu, but for now I’m very optimistic for Kushi’s future in the neighborhood.

  2. 3

    Chris 555 Mass Ave says

    I tried it last night with a group of friends and was impressed. The atmosphere and staff were great. They were playing all my favorite music. It was like they plugged my iPod into to their sound system. The food was delicious and artfully prepared. The only slight negative I have is that ordering all those little plates makes the check add up pretty fast. This place is probably better for a drink and appetizers if you are on a budget. If you’re going to make a meal of it you should be ready to shell out at least $50 per person.

  3. 4

    andy says

    I work out late at the Results at CityVista. Was a pleasant surprise coming out after it closed at 11 last night and seeing Kushi full of people in what used to be a dark area. I had no idea how big the place is – and all were full of people looking like they were enjoying themselves. However, then I walked past Busboys and Poets and the place was absolutely dead and deserted. I’m wondering if there is currently enough critical mass in the neighborhood to support both restaurants until the neighborhood becomes a destinating bringing in people from other parts of town instead of just depending on the locals.

  4. 5

    FourthandEye says

    I think the area, even today, would be able to support 3 restaurants at City Vista. But how busy the restaurant is at or after 11pm on a weeknight probably isn’t the #1 barometer.

    I think the being the first Izakaya in the district will help Kushi attract customers from all over the city.