Pho DC coming to Chinatown

An ABRA liquor license application has been posted to 608 H Street NW for “Pho DC“. For the specifics on the application follow the Read More link.

608 H Street NW from Google Streetview

Yet another app with 2AM weekday and 3AM weekend hours. Pho doesn’t strike me as late night food. So is this another case of an applicant applying for far more hours than they plan to be open?

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  1. 3

    L Resident says

    A hot broth is the last thing I would want after a night of drinking. I don’t need more liquid in my system – I need something of substance to soak it up. The pizza or the falafel place around the corner are the perfect late night food.

    I doubt there are any Pho restaurants open past midnight in the city.

  2. 4

    jot says

    Although Pho may not strike you as late night food, it may very well
    strike someone else as late night food. As I’m sure you won’t be there at 2am, let some other people have the opportunity to eat Pho late night.

    Come on! Opposition to late night establishments just for the sake of opposition is getting so old in DC.

  3. 5

    FourthandEye says

    @Jot – no one has used the word oppose in this thread. You’re leaping to conclusions and making exclamations for no reason.

  4. 6

    J says

    I miss the 24 hour Pho place I used to have near me in SF. Late night noodle bowls are the best.