40% off Wine at Safeway

Safeway has been running a 30% discount on wine on top of their standard 10% discount for the mix & match 6-pack. This chance to get a combined 40% off runs through March 3rd.

Please leave your recommendations for quality wines under $20 a bottle that are available at the 5th & L Safeway. I think it’s a discussion many will benefit from. Myself in particular I don’t drink red wine but would be interested in knowing which might to be good to have on hand for guests.

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    Chris 555 Mass Ave says

    I love Safeway and I buy lots of wine there, but don’t let them fool you. They are playing the “mark it up, mark it down game.” The “original” prices are way too high if you compare with other types of stores. This makes it seem that the savings are greater than they really are. All grocery stores probably do this. Not trying to be a hater – as I said, I buy lots of wine at Safeway.

  2. 2


    @Chris *totally* nailed it. the retail price at the CV Safeway is high so the 30% off brings it down to more normal levels. that said, you can’t go wrong with any of the Columbia Crest or Estancia wines.

    I can especially recommend the CC Merlot.

    not a hater either as I buy plenty of wine there too.