Sushi on the way

The Urban Daddy website highlights the upcoming soft opening at Kushi late next week with their piece entitled Sushi with a Side of Fire. It’s a very brief preview that offers a sneak peak at the Kushi menu (PDF). The brown paper was taken down from Kushi’s windows in the last several days. If you’re curious about the look of the space just walk on by their 465 K Street NW address.

The arrival for Buddha Bar is also fast approaching according the to the Washington Business Journal’s Top Shelf Blog. Eran Gorev, one of the restaurants’s principal owners, told Top Shelf that a May opening at their 455 Mass space is the goal. I did notice over the weekend the brown paper is removed from one rear window along Eye Street. Not much progress to see inside as of yet. Still just sheetrock and concrete floors.

Just south in Chinatown new signage has been erected at 617 H Street NW for Ming’s. A few early reviews have appeared on Yelp.

Hat Tip: Jay K

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