MVT parking lot earns nod for GGW’s shoveling hall of shame

UPDATE (2/12/10 5PM): I’ve been informed that MarcParc has shoveled all their sidewalks surrounding this lot today.

On Thursday evening the Greater Greater Washington blog called out the MarcParc parking lot which occupies the entire block from 5th to 6th Streets NW between K and New York Avenues, adjacent to CityVista.

The posting includes the following quote from the reader (Jeb) who nominated MarcParc for the shoveling hall of shame:

Immediately after the original storm this past weekend, MarcParc restored full parking availability on their lot but left every one of the surrounding sidewalks buried under feet of snow. Pedestrians have been forced to walk in the middle of dangerously busy avenues (K St, 6th, etc.) to get around the parking lot. In fact, it’s not even clear how somebody who parked in their lot would safely get down to the nearest corner without dodging cars (and the huge spray of dirty meltwater they throw up as they pass).

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  1. 1

    washingtonydc says

    That parking lot put an incredible amount of resources to clear that lot. At times, during both blizzards in the past week, they had two trucks clearing snow. Yesterday, they had a large front-loader spend the better part of the day to haul the six-foot high piles and dump them over the fence so they could open up eight more parking spaces.

    The whole exercise shows the gross inefficiencies involved with clearing snow. This one parking lot tied up multiple men and multiple effective snow-clearing machines for what? To keep a parking lot empty for a week while neighborhoods go unplowed? (5th street has yet to be plowed next to the lot.)

    DC government should do what it can to contract with private companies and call for volunteers to help with the effort so that our neighborhoods can get the necessary resources before empty parking lots. Steven Pearlstein has a lot of good ideas along these lines in a column earlier this week:

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    MVTer says

    I’d like to call out Subway Liquor at 5th and K NW. They cleared a path to their car and nowhere else. This is an important corner as folks needed to get safely to and from the Safeway. When asked about it, their response was “I don’t hear you.” Yes — they played deaf. Also uncleared — Louie’s Rogue, Tony Cheng’s vacant lot, most of the space around the barber shop. Between the uncleared sidewalks on 5th and the barely plowed 5th Street, pedestrians had to take many risks getting to and from the grocery store, gym and hardware store. Just saying.

    Kudos to the blue team (MVT CID) who worked diligently to clear the NPS reservation and the corners they could reach (they could not do anything for the Subway Liquor corner). Those guys (and gal) were dedicated throughout the storm and immensely helpful to stuck drivers.

  3. 3


    MarcParc has cleared the snow from its lot and also all its sidewalks around the lot after 1.5 days after snowfall. Despite the 1-2 punch of blizzards in DC, MarcParc did very well removing the most snow DC has experienced since recorded weather. -Bill McLeod, MVTCID

  4. 4

    555er says

    5th Street sidewalks are still an ice slick. What does the community need to do to get the property owners to finally clear the walks. I watched a woman carrying a baby almost slip and fall on the ice covering the sidewalk outside the barbershop (they only cleared half their walk). And the city has not shovelled 5th and Eye.