Anyone else so over this snowmageddon business? When I browse my facebook news feed it seems the blizzard has approval ratings through the roof.

Fallen Magnolia Tree outside GAO building. One of the few tall mature trees within blocks of MVT.

I hate to be the scrooge but I think all this snow sucks. Of course there are the undriveable roads and unshoveled sidewalks that accompany nearly snowfall in the district. I can deal with that. But having your city/region crippled by snow for nearly a week creates an economic sink hole. All the extraordinary snow removal expenses are putting the district government further into the red. Small business retailers are really taking a hit as highlighted by Tim Carman’s A Tale of Two Restaurant Supply Lines During Snowmageddon which focuses on Taylor Gourmet Deli and BGR-The Burger Joint.

image credit: MVTer

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  1. 1

    Richard says

    I see clear hypocrisy among the attitudes of the new condo residents. Lots of pampered yuppies overjoyed they don’t have to work at their government jobs that they could still easily walk to. Yet they expect their condominium’s low paid staff to leave their families and make the treacherous drive in from PG county to shovel their sidewalks.

  2. 2

    Dread Pirate Roberts says

    I like your title and agree: The first snow day was cool, and even having Monday off could be counted as a bonus. But we are now a full week into being paralyzed by storms that give us days off on the one hand, but the extreme Cabin Fever on the other because everything else is closed too! As with so many other things in life, our bounty would have been better received distributed over the whole winter rather than in this gaudy lump sum.

    I also like your picture. I work in that area and have often lamented the fact that we seem to be working our way towards a concrete-heavy Crystal City look devoid of anything living or green.

  3. 3

    yellowtavern1 says

    Richard, chip on your shoulder much? The posting isn’t even complaining about the lack of shoveled sidewalks. It’s talking about city government debt and the strain on local small businesses. Government and businesses that employ people in the neighborhood and from PG County and other suburbs.

  4. 4

    MVTer says

    I promise you that I certainly do not consider myself pampered. Just because I own my own home (the American dream by the way), does not mean that I am not a hard working individual who tries their best to make ends meet. That being said, our staff were put up in a hotel and will be earning “combat” pay.

  5. 5


    I totally delight in the snow. I relish my 2 mile obstacle course that is my walking path to work (and omg we are really busy?!) I think it sucks the economic hit the city is taking & so I am more than happy to pitch in, do my part, shovel my walks, push stuck cars, make dirty snow sculptures and go shopping in the blizzard :) The Newseum was totally open on wednesday as was City Sports. I hear you about the FB snow saturation, esp the cutesy names, definitely over that ugh…but there are some positives like all of the people who did go to work – and there were many…and tons of feds & others assuring us all that they were diligently working remotely so as not to lose productivity & waste our tax dollars. go on y’all.

  6. 6

    FourthandEye says

    I like to keep an upbeat or neutral tone when writing for the blog. This post was a departure for me. But I feel it’s warranted. The cons of the blizzard and its aftermath easily outnumber the novelty of the few pros. I won’t tell anyone how much weight the individual cons and the pros deserve – that’s a personal valuation. But the negative aspect of all this snow isn’t being discussed much on the DC blogosphere. The snow is being given celebrity status. I felt the need to go against the grain and initiate a different discussion here.

    P.S. for the record my favorite cutesy name was “Snowtorious B.I.G”