Snow Day!

Those who work for the Federal Government (or who’s employer follows the Federal Government’s leave policy, AKA me) are lucky to have been granted a 3-day weekend as of early last night. In addition to the Federal Government’s closing, the Circulator will be running a limited route (although it will be free for all passengers!), Metro rail is running limited underground service, and Metrobus is also running select routes only.

We Love DC posted some lunch specials that you can take advantage of today. While I hope to enjoy lunch out of the house, I actually do have some work to do from home, plus I’m planning on getting to the gym.

It looks to be a beautiful day outside…how do you plan to spend it? Or are you among the few that have to go to work?

UPDATED: The National Weather Service is calling for another 10-20″ over the period of time starting 12 noon tomorrow through 7 pm Wednesday! Be safe everyone!

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