Inspiration on the way

The Mount Vernon Triangle CID issued a press release last Friday stating that the next City Vista public art installation is set to arrive in the Feb 15-18 timeframe. The artwork, entitled Inspiration, is a 25′ by 25′ grate cover from artist Ethan Kerber that will be installed over the ground level fresh air intake that resides next Busboys and Poets 5th Street entrance.

The artist’s website, Midnight Metalworks, describes the installation as follows:

This sculpture will create a powerful visual metaphor on the face of the building through a fluid path of color and visual choreography. The design is built in sub assemblies that will be connected to the main assembly joined mechanically on site to the facade of the building with the vertical load resting on the concrete. The total weight of the sculpture is 3500 lbs and the art is comprised of 80 CNC plasma cut sheets.

The design of this grate installation seems as if it would complement the somewhat unpopular Lift Off sculpture at the corner of 5th & K. Does that soften the disappointment in Lift Off for any residents?

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  1. 1


    I actually like Lift Off. I think it adds a bright point of interest to the corner. But this? looks like graffiti to me, albeit a little more cleaned up.

  2. 2

    DCer says

    The other sculpture got some criticism too (e.g., looks like Big Bird), but what a desolate, dumpy area this was not long ago. The area around City Vista is becoming pretty cool IMHO. Some funky sculptures only help.

  3. 3

    MVTer says

    The addition of this piece might make lift off look less out of place. I like this new piece.

  4. 4

    NoMaRes says

    I hate this. I think it looks exactly like graffiti and I wish people in the neighborhood would have been asked if they would like such a prominent thing displayed. Really ugly and not original, graffiti in a downtown area of a city is nothing special…I am so disappointed.