WBJ: Kushi on pace for Feb 26th opening

The Washington Business Journal’s Top Shelf blog provided a sneak peak at what they promise to expand into a larger preview of Kushi next week. The big news is that owner Darren Norris told Top Shelf his new izakaya restaurant at City Vista is on pace for a February 26th opening. Follow the Top Shelf link for eight snapshots of the ongoing construction of the interior.

For those who are newer to the blog and haven’t read the past coverage on Kushi, the following description from the MVT CID homepage is a nice overview.

Kushi, a Japanese restaurant in the innovative form of izakaya (a Japanese pub that serves food), will open in late February on K Street in the CityVista complex. Husband and wife team, Darren Lee Norris and Ari Kushimoto Norris, have signed a lease for a 4,000 square foot space at 465 K Street, NW, which, in addition to the main dining area, will include several private dining rooms.

Kushi will feature kushiyaki (mini kebab sticks with bite-sized pieces of food, such as zucchini and chicken, grilled over charcoal and bathed in yakitori sauce) and sushi, as well as other regional Japanese specialties using local and organic ingredients. The open kitchen will feature a large grill for brazing skewers of meat and vegetables. Plus, an open fire pit will be used for grilling larger pieces of fish and meat.

“We are building the kitchen from scratch,” said owner Darren Lee Norris. “Since this has never been done before, we are trying to figure out how to build the kitchen and make it work.”

Sushi Chef Yoshihisa Ota is chef and owner of the highly acclaimed Tokyo restaurant, Ginza Gakyu, and is a rising star on the Tokyo sushi scene. The Kushi/Ginza Gakyu partnership is the first and only edition of the Tokyo restaurant in the United States. Chef Ota aspires to bring a dazzling new approach to sushi to Washington DC.

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