WaPo: Where We Live

The Mount Vernon Triangle is showcased in the Washington Post’s Where We Live feature this month. Look for it in the print edition of Saturday’s Real Estate section.

The article entitled From seedy to sought-after: D.C.’s Mount Vernon Triangle becoming urban village was contributed by the editors of Urban Turf.


“As of the first of the year, fewer than 100 new units will be available and all one-bedroom units are projected to be gone by March,” said David Mayhood, president of the Mayhood Company, which markets and sells condos. “With no new condominiums under construction, the current inventory will be gone by mid to late 2010.”

Photo Credit: Josh Howell Photo (via WaPo)

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    Great article! Highlights most of the reasons I live in the neighbourhood: access to retail, entertainment, shopping and restaurants as well as convenient downtown location for those of us who are dependent on our feet or public transportation to get around!