Paving on K Street

I find when I drive on the 400 Block of K street my car sounds like it has a flat tire. The asphalt doesn’t look to the eye like it is in awful shape yet I hear thud-thud-thud at regular intervals when driving the block. Anyone else have the same experiences?

400 Block of K Street looking East

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  1. 1

    Nick says

    Yes I agree…as soon as I hit K st the wheels fall off. I know we have a lot of development planned but any chance of them repaving anytime soon? Maybe some of that Recovery and Reinvestment Act money…

  2. 2


    i’ve spoken with folks at ddot about the condition of K street from the triangle all the way over to 3rd street NE. it’s in absolutely horrible condition, and apparently, after the construction on 4th street NW is complete (and the buildings under construction around 1st and K NE are complete) there will be a full repaving done. don’t know how long it will be until that all happens, unfortunately, but at least i know that K street is on ddot’s radar…