District Crossfit signs LOI in MVT

A new startup called District Crossfit (www.districtcrossfit.com) has signed a Letter-of-Intent for the vacant auto garage at 459 I Street NW. CrossFit has been described to me as “a bit of a throw back to old school training with lots of cool workouts that are challenging and extremely effective. The training is constantly varied to avoid the dreaded plateau and boredom of cardio routines.

Owner Andrew Killion plans to hold FREE public park workouts each weekend at the 5th & Eye park (484 I Street) until they open operations at the garage. It all kicks off this Sunday, January 24th at 1pm with a workout at the park followed by a NFL Playoff watch party at RFD. Contract Andrew for more details (Andrew.T.W.Killion@gmail.com).

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