Wegmans about to get a lot closer

The Washington Business Journal reported yesterday that the soon to arrive Wegmans in PG County has begun hiring. The new superstore will be 135,000 sf – which is more than 2x the size of the City Vista Safeway. Along with Costco this supermarket is part of the Woodmore Towne Centre development and will be located just off the interchange or I-495 and Landover Rd. This location will cut the distance downtown DC residents needs to travel for current closest Wegmans in Fairfax in half. Twelve miles is likely still far enough away to fail to be convenient for mid-week evening grocery trips for most downtown residents. However I would venture to guess Wegmans will earn an increasing share of the weekend grocery spending from those in our community after its grand opening in October.

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  1. 1

    tom veil says

    Sorry, but you really need to explain this post. Why would I rent a car and drive to the Beltway, just to get groceries?

  2. 2

    Whitney says

    Because it’s WEGMAN’s! Wegman’s is amazing. Wegman’s is the pinnacle of produce and product purvayor perfection!