Reminder: MVTCID consolidated condo tax meeting tonight

The meeting to openly discuss the proposed Consolidated Condo Tax is being hosted by the Mount Vernon Triangle CID tonight at 6pm in the former Madrigal Lofts Sales at 4th & I Streets NW. The Office of Tax & Revenue will also be in attendance. The change would apply to the condominiums of 555 Mass, City Vista K, City Vista L, Madrigal Lofts and the Sonata.

From the CID:

We are exploring the idea of mailing one tax bill to each condo building rather that to each condo owner. If you feel strongly about one bill or individual bills, please come to this meeting to share your thoughts. We are trying to reduce errors and paperwork for condo owners, the Office of Tax & Revenue, and MVTCID.

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    FourthandEye says

    Yellowtavern1 brings up a good point. I tried to pay this tax online. However OTR applied the payment to my general property taxes rather than paying off the CID Tax. So I still owed the CID Tax but I had a $120 credit on my property tax. The only way to pay the CID Tax was to send in a check. That should change…

  2. 4

    J says

    This is an absolutely terrible idea. Collection of taxes is inherently a government responsibility and should not be pawned off onto condo associations. It seems to be a pretty transparent attempt at avoiding issues with non-payment.

  3. 5


    oops i meant collection of taxes online by the city (or whoever) is a good idea. i would not think that lumping it by condo building would be favorable at all to the residents.