Tommy Wells Re-Election Fund Raiser

The embedded Flyer provides information on a fundraiser being held for Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells on Monday January 25th.

Flyer for Tommy Wells Fundraiser

Testimonial from Miles Groves:

As you know, I have committed a lot of time as a neighborhood activist through my  work with the Downtown Neighborhood Association. I am pleased that we have had many successes over the past three years. Critical to much of what we have been able to do was with the active support of our Ward 6 Councilmember, Tommy Wells.  He actively supported the creation of our own precinct so that we would have a local site to go to the voting polls.  He has walked our neighborhood several times seeking ways to improve our  quality of life. His involvement helped bring the Office of Tax and Revenue to the table to work with their efforts to seek additional tax revenue from our residential associations. He has been on the forefront on efforts to make this city and our neighborhood a “livable, walkable city.”

We need his leadership to support the ongoing growth and change that continues to define our neighborhood. As you can imagine from my note, I strongly urge you to support his candidacy. My hope is that you can reach out and provide your support, too. It is important that every residential building support his candidacy and also, consider him a critical resource when neighborhood issues intrude in our quality of life.

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