Welcome to our new home

Thanks for following us from blogspot here to our revamped blog hosted at www.mvtriangleblog.com. We’ve upgraded to the WordPress technology which will afford us greater control to customize and improve the blog in the future.  The new layout enables content to be displayed in a more compact fashion with plugins like “Read More” and a featured topic section above the page footer. Posts now include suggestions for related content, provide sharing links, and allow readers to subscribe to comment notification.  More enhancements are on the horizon.

Have feedback? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. 1


    i don’t want to be too critical, so please take this in the spirit of trying to help. the logo at the top looks blah. i like the fact that the triangle is a map, but the type is ugly. the sub-title (not just parking lots…) is too small, and the font for “the triangle” is too plain. jazz it up a little!

    i love the blog. thanks for providing all the great news!

  2. 2

    Ryu says

    The new layout looks great overall, but I do agree that the logo is blah. Also, please please include the rss feeds from the other dc blogs. Keep up the great work!

  3. 3

    FourthandEye says

    I agree the logo is not good. It will be temporary. If anyone has any skills in this department to lend give me a holla.

  4. 4


    fourthandeye: i have a friend who does graphic design. don’t know if he’d be willing to do work pro bono, but i can ask.

  5. 5

    FourthandEye says

    @IMGoph – yeah, a logo isn’t something I’m willing to spend funds on. Best I could offer is a credit and some ad space in the sidebar for a month or so.