2009 Year in Review

2009 was a busy year for the neighborhood and the blog. We published 414 postings, more than doubled the prior year’s site traffic and welcomed KimFromTheK as a new regular contributor in August.


Open for Business

The Promise of More to Come

A few of my other fave posts

Top Referral Sites

  1. PQLiving
  2. Matt Yglesias
  3. DC Metrocentric
  4. Life in MVSNA
  5. DCist
  6. Greater Greater Washington
  7. Renew Shaw
  8. Prince of Petworh

The Most viewed posts

  1. More on Lift Off
  2. Buddha Bar Update
  3. DDOT efforts at 5th and Mass create new hazzards
  4. DuMont still a sinking ship
  5. Great Wall of AIPAC

Most Comments

  1. Vacant buildings take a step toward progress (55)
  2. Recap of DNA ABL Public Meeting – Level (30)
  3. ANC 2C endorses Single Sale Moratorium exemption (25)
  4. KC Pit BBQ at 6th and NY Ave (22)
  5. Several tied at 18
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