Tommy Wells 3rd Annual Livable, Walkable Awards

Monday night Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells honored 3 residents, one organization, and a local business at the 3rd Annual Livable, Walkable Awards. Downtown Neighborhood Association President Miles Groves was bestowed with the Livable, Walkable Honorary Award.

Tommy Wells blog had the following to say about Miles:

“Miles Groves became a resident leader in Penn Quarter almost before there was a Penn Quarter neighborhood,” stated Wells. As the city created a new vision for our downtown, Miles played a pivotal role in turning an area that emptied out at 6 pm, into a vibrant community with retail, restaurants and nightlife, but also supported the new residential neighborhood that emerged. From fighting for better sidewalks, better lighting, stepped up police presence, neighborhood based retail, and most recently, supporting two-wheel alternatives as personal vehicles, he’s been a champion of the revitalization of our downtown.

Miles also helped form and lead the Downtown Neighborhood Association, bringing a voice to City Hall for thousands of his neighbors, and became a mentor to dozens of leaders in the communities around him. Miles was unable to attend the event last night, but Councilmember Wells will present him with his award at an upcoming Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting.

Elizabeth Nelson, Barry Margeson, The Channel Inn, and Moms on the Hill also received Livable, Walkable awards.

Image Credit: Notions Capital

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