Reminder: Mount Vernon Square District Project Meeting is Tonight

Tonight the Office of Planning hosts a followup public meeting for the Mount Vernon Square District Project from 6-8PM at the Carnegie Library Building. The forum will outline learnings from the public input given during the October 1st public meeting and share OP’s current recommendations and design options.

Mount Vernon Square District Project
This project is designed to generate implementation‐driven solutions for specific transportation, public realm and real estate challenges and opportunities in the blocks, streets, and reservations surrounding Mount Vernon Square.

Project Goals

  • Create a distinctive and sustainable place.
  • Solve traffic and circulation issues to create a multi-modal hub and appealing pedestrian environment.
  • Maintain a deep sense of history and local meaning.
  • Create clear links in all directions to other key destinations.
  • Maximize the draw of this area as a local destination.
  • Improve and activate open spaces.

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