Letter from DDOT regarding Fourth Street construction

Below is a letter from DDOT regarding the Fourth Street Reconfiguration project. Click on the image for a larger version.

DDOT Letter regarding Fourth Street Construction

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    Some projects confound me. Why are they doing this? Do we really need metered parking spaces on 4th St.? Do we need the roadway expanded? We need them to clean up what lies next to the street – tranny hookers and vacant dumping grounds.

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    This is an infrastructure investment in our neighborhood from DDOT. The improvements were outlined as part of the MVT master plan years ago. Upgrading Fourth Street may not seem like the most pressing need at this very moment. However implementation the entire plan means phasing the projects over several years.

    Issues like hookers have nothing to do with DDOT. The notion that all investment should be postponed until the tranny hooker issue is solved is misguided.

  3. 3

    TJM says

    Additionally, making 4th st. two ways and integrating it more fully in to the street grid should give it more regular traffic, changing it from the underused and overlooked street that it currently is. It is the lack of regular traffic and the eyes that traffic brings that made it an attractive place for hookers to set up shop– so this should be a factor that helps to clean up the area.