December ANC 6C Agenda

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C
Wednesday, December 9, 2009 7 pm
Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

Call to order
Approval of agenda
Approval of November minutes
Treasurer’s report

  • Approval of November Treasurer’s report
  • Approval of 2010 budget
  • Approval of additional expense for acoustical engineer ($2400 to $3450)
  • Approval of $209 for recording minutes and $195 for business cards

Brief community and commissioner announcements

  1. Brain Tumor Race for Hope – Nicola Beddow
  2. Healthy Living follow-up report – Juliette Tahar
  3. DC Public Charter School Expo – Ariana Quinones
  4. 2 M Street/Patterson N.W. – status, Steve Green, Wilson C. Smith developer
  5. Historic Preservation Permit Database – Comm. Hamilton


Grants Committee (Comm. Brown, chair)

  • Extension of time for grant to Southern Baptist Church

Youth and Education Committee (Comm. Hamilton, chair)

Liquor License Committee – (Comm. Phelps, chair)

  1. Ethiopic restaurant, 401 H Street N.E. – Meseret Bekele
  2. Taylor Gourmet, 485 K Street N.W. – Casey Patten
  3. Oasis voluntary agreement – Comm. Phelps

Transportation Committee (Joe McCann, John Kelly, co-chairs)

  • Toscana, 601 Second St. N.E. – outdoor cafe tent – Joe Spinelli

Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee (Rob Amos, chair)

  1. Fifth and I Street N.W. project – update by developer
  2. 226 N Street N.W. – HPRB application to construct row house – Sanni Mufuta
  3. Union Station air rights – summary, Rob Amos
  4. 200 K Street PUD, update on affordable housing – Comm. Phelps

Resolution recognizing the work of Miles Groves – Comm. Docter

Meeting Adjournment

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  1. 2

    IMGoph says

    i'm interested to see what the proposed house is going to look like at 226 N Street. it'll be good to have that hole filled in!

  2. 3

    RobA says

    The proposed house at 226 N will fit in well with the neighborhood. It's sort of a blend of the homes on the left and on the right side of the alley. It is planned to be a 2 unit dwelling – both 3 bedrooms and 3 baths (at a minumim) with two off-street parking spaces. The "hole" has already been cleared out and the new owner is getting it ready to start construction as soon as he gets his approvals and permits. It is a much welcomed addition to the neighborhood.