UPS Store at 455 Mass

Last December a new UPS Store opened for business at 455 Mass offering a one-stop shop for packing, wrapping, shipping, pick-up, printing, mailboxes, and more.

Co-owner Sola Cardoso shared the following with me:

  • White House Christmas Ornaments are available @ $21.95
  • We are providing wrapping, packaging, and shipping options for residents during the holiday period
  • Personalized 2010 Calendars are available
  • Free donuts available on Monday mornings for our customers
  • AAA members get discounts at our store for shipping, packaging, moving supplies
  • We are working on introducing shredding service early next year and will welcome feedback/interaction from residents if they are interested
  • We provide shorter lines, great service and low prices. We also offer Postal shipping services (First Class, Parcel Post, Priority Mail, Express Mail, International)

For more information on our local UPS Store visit their homepage ( or follow the frequent tips and updates they share on Twitter and Facebook.

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