Foreclosure for Gallery Towers

DCMud is reporting that Yeni Wong and her Gallery Towers LLC have been served notice of foreclosure for the two contiguous lots on the Northeast corner of 7th and H Streets NW. The development plans for this mixed use project involved a substantial retail component in the historic corner property with two towers setback.

Wong and Riverdale International have been major players in the revitalization of Chinatown. Before (’93) and After photos of their Gallery Square development, on the NW corner of 7th & H are displayed above.

Image Credits: Riverdale International

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  1. 1

    muckraker says

    The foreclosure is sad, but I am so tired of skirting around those half-demolished buildings and chainlink fences.

  2. 2

    Tom Veil says

    If I were the bankruptcy judge, my first question would be, "who can finish the job and bring me a J. Paul's Restaurant that I don't need a bus to get to?"

    Maybe that's why I'm not a judge. :)

  3. 3

    Bruce says

    Hey, have there been any developments (no pun intended) in the last year or so regarding these lots? I walked by the empty CVS earlier today and saw that it still has signs in the window promising a new, renovated CVS in 2010, and realized that they’re unlikely to make it. It’s kind of embarrassing that this site has sat vacant for so long.