Best Dry Cleaning service?

What’s the best local dry cleaning service? Is it Gallery Cleaners (450 Mass), Sundown Cleaners (407 K), or the Bergmann’s at Safeway? Is it none of the above? Do you use a pick-up/drop-off service such as CityCentric?

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  1. 2

    Anonymous says

    NOT BERGMAN'S at Safeway, they are awful!!! It takes forever to drop off or pick anything up and the workers are incredibly rude and incompetent.

    I stopped using them when they skipped delivery/pick-up days and my clothes weren't ready as promised. I really needed my suit. It said on my receipt and the sign posted that it should be ready, and the staff just shrugged and said "Not our problem."

    I will NEVER go BACK!!!

  2. 3

    Five K says

    Ditto that Bergman's is horrible. I've switched to Soapy Joe's which is a bit more expensive for shirts but sooo much more convenient.

  3. 4

    washingtonydc says

    I'm also firmly in the anti-Bergman's camp. The one and only time I used them at the Safeway, they ended up losing my clothes for over a week (except for one shirt which has been lost to the ether). The Safeway manager bent over backwards to help me, but it wasn't their fault–Bergman screwed up.

    I also use Soapy Joe's. The quality and convenience is well worth the price.

  4. 6

    Jess says

    I'm also anti-bergman's/safeway. i've used them twice. first time was the first week they opened: they lost two shirts, then supposedly found them at another location, then lost them again, then gave me grief as to the value. a year later I tried them a second time: they dry cleaned shirts that were supposed to be laundered and then gave me grief when I refused to pay the higher price.

    I like gallery; never had a problem with them.

  5. 7

    Anonymous says

    Bergmann's @ Safeway does great work. How many Dry cleaners do you know that have been in business 92 years? I'm a frequent customer, never had a problem.

  6. 8

    Aaron Smolen says

    At our building we have Total Cleaners(, I believe their overall quality ie. crisply pressed shirts, never having any broken buttons, pickup/delivery, etc is better than anything I’ve used around here since moving from NYC a few years ago.