Washingtonian on the Best of Penn Quarter

The December ’09 edition of Washingtonian magazine includes a 10 page feature on The Best of Penn Quarter.

Washingtonian on the Best of Penn Quarter
A liberal definition of PQ allows some MVT bonafides to join in on the celebratory press. Taylor Gourmet was mentioned among the Best Sandwiches and the neighborhood’s condos and apartments nearly swept the real estate superlatives. Washingtonian bestowed the the following titles on the residential high rises north of Mass: City Vista K (Most Convenient), The V Apartments (Best Incentives), Madrigal Lofts (Best Lobby) and Yale Lofts (Best Backstory).

Absolute Thai was singled out as a hidden gem by Shakespeare Theatre Company’s artistic director Michael Kahn who said “(I enjoy) a wonderful drink called the Cha Cha and my favorite food to order is the pad Thai.”

Much, much more is in the issue which is on sale for just $3.95.

Hat Tip: FrenchTwistDC

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  1. 1

    pqresident says

    Absolute Thai is absolutely a hidden gem! have always had great Thai food there – their menu is now on my fridge. much better than the former tenant, the Lee Loo Lounge.

  2. 2

    Chris 555 Mass says

    Love how we are now part of PQ! Seriously though, it would have been nice for them to mention that we are our own distinct awesome neighborhood. OK, they did caveat it by saying that PQ was all built out so they were going north to the "Mount Vernon" area (no mention of Triangle.)