City Center DC Brochure

Our neighbors at PQLiving shared news of zoning adjustments at the City Center DC site yesterday. That led me to visit for the first time since August. Hines Archstone has revamped the site adding more details including a video and a 38 page brochure. Below are a few screen prints from the materials.

Aerial view rendering of CityCenterDC; Click to visit brochure

Retail visioning at CityCenterDC; Click to visit brochure

The plans call for 458 apartments, 216 condos, 458,000 SF of office space and between 250,000 and 400,000 SF of retail. 10th and Eye Streets will be restored to the street grid. An interior courtyard is placed between the four residential buildings and pedestrian alleyways paved with cobblestone cut through mid-block. All parking and loading is underground so that retail lines all streets and alley ways, 20% of the housing is affordable and there is a new park at NY Ave and 11th.

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    Five K says

    I took a brief look at the brochure and it looks really exciting! However, given all the delays with this development I think their 2011 opening sounds pretty optimistic.