The Passenger Roundup

On Wednesday Kim previewed the opening of The Passenger. The links below highlight what others are saying.

  • Metrocurean: The new joint is kind of a neo-speakeasy version 2.0. It subtly nods to the Prohibition era (Derek was donning a vest at last night’s preview) but it’s a less contrived, more relaxed take on the trendy genre.
  • Young & Hungry (WCP): But will the Passenger really play hardcore music? Well, consider this: The name of the place is derived from the Iggy Pop song, The Passenger. “I’ve always loved this song,” Derek Brown says. “It always had great energy.”
  • We Love DC: The preview featured a gin punch that was a bit too lemony-sour for my taste (I tend to steer clear of that flavor range anyway, definitely do not pair it with the kimchi hot dog!). The Sherry Flip was more to my liking – with egg white, cream, sherry, brandy and nutmeg, here was a fragrant sipping cocktail whose old-fashioned vibe somehow seemed appropriate for the rough-hewn setting.
  • DCist: There is no cocktail menu at the Passenger, so when ordering one, you’ll be asked to specify a base liquor and further detail on whether you like a drier or sweeter drink. This is the part where it’s important to develop that relationship with your bartender and have a real conversation. It will enable you the opportunity to learn more about what you prefer, and to learn about new things. You may discover that you like vermouth; the dry, rouge and blanc Dolin vermouths are highly quaffable on their own.
  • Prince of Petworth: They were less interested in a gimmick and more interested in focusing on the fundamentals of a good bar. As such they will have 25 wines by the glass, 15 different cans of beer, and four beers on tap, in addition to specialty cocktails including gin punch which I may or may not have sampled between one and six.
  • Going Out Gurus (WaPo): There are plans for events like wine tastings and BYO nights, and every week, the main bar will host happy hour with a percentage of proceeds going to charity. (Derek also works for Share Our Strength, which provides food for needy children.)

Tons of photos from the pre-opening party are available to view in ReadysetDC’s preview. On the social media landscape both a Yelp business entry and a Facebook fanpage are already present.

Lastly, lots of comments on the blogosphere about the “God Save the District” slogan. My impression is that it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with music. With the bar named after an Iggy Pop song this slogan would seem to have clear linkage with the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen which was later covered by the Brown’s beloved Motorhead.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    Sounds cool, but what is the consequence of the fact that there is no cocktail menu?

    Can you still ask for any number of cocktails – i.e. gin & tonic, long island, etc.?

  2. 2

    Five K says

    I like the custom cocktail concept but am not that creative… hopefully the servers can steer me in the right direction. What's the price point for their drinks?