DDOT Chat Transcript

DDOT Director Gabe Klein held a chat today [transcript]. Chat is not the medium for highly substantive answers but it is great that our new director values and makes time for dialog with the community.

The Mount Vernon Triangle was a topic of several questions from participants (neither was me):

[Comment From Guest]: Thank you for taking questions and reaching out to the community. Will the ARRA money designated to improve K Street between NJ Ave. and 7th Street NW also include laying track for the proposed streetcar? If not, should it?

[Gabe Klein, DDOT]: We are still waiting to hear if our application will be approved. It is a very competitive field for this money. The streetcar was not part of the application.

[Comment From Tom]: Will DDOT implement the Mt. Vernon Triangle Transportation Plan to reconfigure the H Street / 3rd Street / Massachusetts Ave., intersection? It is a dangerous intersection for pedestrians. It would be helpful to, at least, remove the large billboard-sized signs that lead drivers to believe it is a freeway rather than a neighborhood.

[Gabe Klein, DDOT]: Yes, we will be improving this intersection. We are reassessing the signs as well. (urban alternatives).

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