Engine 6

Could the impending arrival of Buddha Bar trigger serious interest in the engine 6 firehouse space across the street at 400 Mass?

Last month I came across a great example of a historic firehouse transformed into a vibrant space. Jack’s Firehouse is a very successful pub and restaurant on Philly’s Fairmount Ave across the street from Eastern State Penitentiary. Much of the original mahogany interior, wood plank floors, and even the brass fire pole remain intact in the old building. The large sweep boat suspended overhead also added a great deal of charm.

What will the future hold for our old Engine company?

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  1. 1

    pqresident says

    I've always thought that an eatery would make the perfect use for that firehouse. the driveway lends itself to outdoor eating.

    the only other use I can think of is some kind of very, very niche destination retail…the only "place" of its kind in DC that people would drive/walk/metro to (i.e. Battery Warehouse?).

  2. 2

    reflexive says

    i can think of some uses:

    1. bocce ball bar
    2. rec center
    3. honest to god local brew pub
    4. youth hostel
    5. art center ( like pyramid atlantic)
    6. venue for live music/theatre
    7. my house
    8. public bathrooms/ tourist information/ metro ticket office
    9. computer terminal usage subsidiary of public library
    10. police, ems other emergency substation
    11. Apple Store
    12. garden store
    13. a family oriented restaurant.