Linked up: Pies, Pretzels and Bikes

H Street NE: Dangerously Delicious Pies is arriving from Balmer to NE in a few weeks. They are taking pie orders now for Thanksgiving. [Capital Spice]

Penn Quarter: Auntie Annie’s Pretzels will be arriving to Gallery Place’s Kiosk Row soon. Lots of discussion in the comments. [PQLiving]

Mt Vernon Square/Shaw: A new bike lane is being installed on 5th Street NW from New York Ave to Rhode Island Ave NW. [CCCA]

Mount Vernon Triangle: Cary Silverman gives his impressions of Lift Off at 5th & K and offers a poll to gauge public opinion. [The Other 35 Percent]

Also of note is the liquor license application posted at Taylor Gourmet (Via @FrenchTwistDC). I gave it a very quick 10 second scan and I think it’s just a off-premises retailer liquor license with hours ending at 9pm. If anyone has given it a closer look and has more details let us know.

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    John Thompson says

    I spoke with Taylor on this when they opened. You're correct – it's only going to be for off-premise consumption.