Fourth Street Construction Update

The Fourth Street reconfiguration construction has been ramping up since the last week of October. Today I noticed that the trees on the 1000 block that were destined to be casualties of the planned street widening were removed. Two other dead trees were also removed.

Top: Before image from Google Streetview; Bottom: Photo from today

When the work is complete the segment of road will accommodate two way traffic and street parking. The pavers will be replaced with brick and the cobrahead streetlights will be upgraded to the newer globe lights. I would also venture to guess new street trees will be planted.

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    si says

    while delivering newsletters last night, i noticed on the 1000 block of 4th: the new no parking signs, the orange construction things all over, the feeding van moved to the north a little so its on bible way lot now, & the tranny hos having a picnic on the west side grassy patch as usual.