The Passenger

Fritz Hahn of The Washington Post’s GOG Blog shares details on The Passenger arriving to 1021 7th Street NW later this month. The Passenger is new venture from Derek and Tom Brown, who have won acclaim at The Gibson and Cork, respectively, and will take the space previously occupied by the Warehouse Theater Cafe.

The Warehouse Theater is undergoing a big transformation. The bigger-than-a-black-box theater is moving its entrance around the corner, Civilian Art Projects is moving onto the block and there are plans to turn the former Warehouse Next Door concert space into a jazz club and restaurant. But what’s grabbing attention from local cocktail fiends is the Passenger, which will combine a laid-back saloon with an upscale, reservations-suggested cocktail sanctuary.

Back in July we learned that another establishment to be named “Wired” had applied for a liquor license at 1015 1/2 7th Street. This block may finally transform into a destination again.

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