MyRadius was created by a small business owner for small business owners to have better exposure to area residents and so those residents can have better information about local offerings. MyRadius is intended to be a useful platform for community-based news and information. The pilot version of the platform is being implemented in October 2009 in the Mt. Vernon/Convention Center neighborhood in Washington DC.

The project is a collaboration by local business owners and spearheaded by Joanna Robinson of Lunar Massage.

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  1. 1

    John Thompson says

    Seems to be missing some local businesses – I've sent them an inquiry as to how they can be added. Hope to see this site grow and become an excellent resource for local residents & businesses!

  2. 2

    Joanna Robinson says

    Thanks for posting this! Since MyRadius is meant as a marketing service for local businesses, I needed participants to pitch in to help cover costs. Some of the business owners weren't interested in participating so I didn't include them on the magnets that were mailed out or the post cards that we have in our stores. I hope to do more mailings and add more info to the website gradually. Still formulating the business plan! I'm glad people are finding it helpful so far. Any suggestions/feedback are helpful.