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The American Century Theater is bringing A Piece of My Heart, a celebration of women who served and sacrificed in the Vietnam War, to Washington D.C. this November 6th – 21st. They are performing at the historic theater space of the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, 900 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

A Piece of My Heart is the story of six women– before, during and after the Vietnam War. Based on Keith Walker’s book of the same name, the play is a collage of sound and imagery pinpointing the significant moments in each woman’s journey. The reality of the play occurs at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. At the moment of dedication, memories come flooding back, transporting the audience to the beginning. We see six young women make the choice to serve and the consequences of those decisions on the course and direction of their lives. They return different people who must reconcile their need to serve humanity with the horrors they experienced during war. It is a piece about transcendence that deals with the themes of service, heroism, life, death, trauma, forgiveness, sacrifice, despair, depression, rejection, friendship and rebirth. A Piece of My Heart features the unsung heroes often overlooked in history until now.

Running time: 2 hours, 15 minutes, with one intermission.

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