Modern Classics

Through ongoing contributions from Danny Harris, the Prince of Petworth blog recently featured a conversation with Wellesley Scott of Modern Classics about his passion for Vespas.

Wellesley is a former Vespa Washington employee who signed a lease for a 6000 SF space at 955 V Street NE to start Modern Classics. This new business will service most makes of scooters and motorcycles and sell quality gear and accessories.

I never would have known about Modern Classics if not for the PoP posting so it seemed appropriate to pay it forward by getting the word out in this forum.

Any other scooter owners among the Triangle readership? I saw a brand new black Vespa being delivered to Madrigal Lofts on Monday morning.

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    si says

    This is GREAT news! We have a moto & it sucks to schlep so far into MD/VA for parts etc…My man needs a new pair of gloves and I know where we are going :) thanks so much for sharing!