Can’t pick one? Go with two and stack them

Lot’s of debate in the discussion on retail suggestions for 924 5th Street. Very strong support for a nail salon from the ladies and some loyal husbands. Others lust for a more inspired choice.

Perhaps the compromise is a Nail Salon on the second floor with one of the other discussed options such as a pet store on the ground floor? It was brought to my attention that Annie Nail Salon in Georgetown is on the second floor of a row house.

I think most in the community would view that as a creative win-win. Would it be a non-starter for the new landlord? My loose understanding is that the vision is for the 2nd and 3rd floors to be bundled together as office space. If a second floor use doesn’t also also consume the third floor it may render the top floor too isolated to easily lease.

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  1. 2

    Anonymous says

    This entire building was purchased for $310,000. That's less than nearly every market rate condo in MVT.

  2. 3

    Anonymous says

    Great price! But I wonder what it will take to finish out the space so it is inhabitable? That will likely double the costs.

    I saw a bunch of folks peering into the window this morning. I wonder if they have started doing work.

  3. 4

    John Thompson says

    I would love to see something like Home Rule or ACKC on the ground floor & the much needed nail salon on the 2nd! :) Gus Elving of PetPeopleDC may be interested… FYI. He spoke to me months ago about opening a store in MVT… might be a good lead for someone to follow up on!

  4. 5

    Anonymous says

    Wow even they do have to double the price in build out– $310K is a great price for a shell in that location. I do like the idea of two floor offering. Sounds like the nail salon would have legs & could make sense on the 2nd floor –I'd like the idea of some small retail or retail service on the main. Maybe on the pet idea although wouldn't serve me as I don't have a pet.

    All and all more good news for the area! Hope whatever it will be can move ahead quickly!

  5. 7

    pqresident says

    this property was listed for $950K as a commercial listing the last time I checked (a few months ago). that's a heck of a cut in price.

  6. 8

    Anonymous says

    With all the reformed drug addicts standing outside next door, who is really going to frequent a nail salon here? I refuse to even walk on that side of the street.

  7. 9

    Anonymous says

    Sorry Anonymous (Oct. 24) but your comment about the AA clients is just ignorant. As a female who has lived in the neighborhood for 4 years, I simply have had no issues with those guys as I've walked past (beyond sidewalk crowding which they seem to have corrected). I would absolutely go to a nail salon on that side of the street any day of the week. The next time you want to fear-monger, why don't you post facts (i.e. how many incidents have been caused on that side of the street against people in the neighborhood?).

  8. 11

    Anonymous says

    Agree with Anon Oct 26 – I've lived at 555 for 3.5 years and other than occasionally boisterous conversations (usually about the pathetic Redskins), I've never noticed them causing any trouble.

  9. 12

    Anonymous says

    C'mon now! They can be (and probably are) as nice as they want to be, but the simple fact is that most of the people standing on that corner are alchoholics and they there on that corner, because that liquor store is right there on the corner! Who would want to walk down a sidewalk littered with people sipping liquor from a concealed container or brown paper bag?!? I am from D.C. and I can tell you for a fact that this corner has been this way for at least the last 20 years! Again, as nice as these people probably are, if you walk down that block on a Sunday, there is not a soul standing there! I wonder why?

  10. 13

    Anonymous says

    Categorically untrue- I've lived practically right above that spot for a few years now, and those people are there on Sunday mornings, too, though they usually clear out before the afternoon. When we first moved in, their conversations used to wake us on the weekends, but now it's just background noise. I'm not saying it's a selling point to have them there, but it's more than a slight exaggeration to suggest that there is a mass of drunks who "litter" the sidewalk with their presence.

  11. 14

    Anonymous says

    I live next door as well (probably only a few units down from the AA meeting). We haven't had many issues with folks doing public drinking since the singles ban went into effect. We've spoken with the AA guys and they've taken their boisterous conversations down the block instead of under our windows (to allow us to sleep in on the weekend). We are all getting along despite the fact that some people can't get over the history of the street. When I moved onto the street there were drug dealers, users and prostitutes. Once Fun Fair closed and the Safeway open, that activity has declined so much that I can't remember the last time I've observed anything like that. Like the previous poster stated, stop the fear mongering and the insults toward the folks that use our block unless you have the facts to back it up. We certainly have the facts to back up the alternative view. Bring on the businesses on 5th Street. We will frequent them!

  12. 15

    Anonymous says

    An AA meeting next door to a liquor store!? What an ABSOLUTE JOKE! You people are so comical w/ your "lets be friends with the lushes using, loitering and littering our block!" Ugh! You don't see 20+ people hanging out on the corner like this in Dupont or Logan ALL DAY/NIGHT! Why shouldn't we expect the same in our neighborhood?!?i don't see it as fear mongering…just the facts!